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Ken has a true passion for teaching riders and their horses. He is an excellent communicator, using easy to follow verbal and visual cues. Ken’s overall goal is to teach riders how to better communicate with their horse and to have a more enjoyable riding experience. Ken looks forward to sharing his knowledge with riders whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or a seasoned rider. Participants will ride with more confidence and with a better understanding of how to execute specific cues.

Ken is a seasoned competitor with proven riding techniques. As a clinician, he will teach horsemanship skills, team penning and ranch sorting strategies. Clinics can also be customized for your particular riding goals. Learn the technical skills of collection and how to move your horse’s body parts. Learn to read cattle and how to position your horse to cut and control the cow.

Skills taught at Ken’s clinics:

  • Teach your horse to be under control at different speeds
  • How to lope correctly and drive from behind
  • Dependable stop and back up
  • Isolate different body parts on your horse and move them independently
  • Proper leg cues and hand/rein positioning
  • Side passing and roll backs
  • Evaluate and control cattle, assess the arena/surroundings

Clinic prices vary depending on location (our facility or facility of your choice), number of participants, 1 or 2 day clinic, and instruction time. There are accommodations and restaurants 3 miles from our location.

For more information and to schedule a clinic, call 612-202-9357.



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