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I had been searching for the perfect horse to fit me for a few years and then I met Ken Krebsbach. Ken took the time to let me try a few horses and watched me ride. When I got on "Squeek" a 4 year old sorrel gelding, he knew right away that it was a perfect fit. I was a little nervous but trusted Ken's judgment. From day 1 Squeek and I have clicked, it is now 5 years later and I have made over $60,000 on this horse along with saddles and buckles. Ken always keeps in touch to ensure things are still working out which I find very nice of him. I would recommend to anyone looking for a horse to check out Krebsbach Performance Horses, you won't be disappointed by Ken's knowledge. I would definitely buy another horse from Ken. Plus the K brand looks awesome on a horse.

Thank you Krebsbach Family,
Squeek and Tammy Evans
Millarville, Alberta, Canada

If you are looking for a tune up for your horse or ready to take a young one to the next step, I would greatly suggest Ken.
We have known him for years and are always amazed at how well his horses are trained. He takes wonderful care of them when they are at his facilty. We just had two of our horses there for training and cannot wait to send another one to him.

Dave & Amy Peterson
Montgomery, MN

"I bought my penning and sorting horse from Ken two years ago, and it was the best decision I could have made. Ken took the time to make sure that Tomcat worked for me both on and off the cows, and let me take the time I needed to make sure I was comfortable with the horse. I always felt like he was honest and straightforward in our dealings. It was the support after the sale that impressed me the most, though. He made the time to help me with questions that I had and helped me with my riding - all over the phone! Tomcat and I have done very well together in our competitions and he has made me step up my riding ability - I love this horse! I was very pleased and would have no problem purchasing another horse from Ken in the future."

Andrea Smith
Bozeman, MT

I have been a client of Ken and Annette Krebsbach for twelve years. When I decided it was time to step up to a better penning-sorting horse I gave Ken a list of my priorities. The older I get the choosier I get. He matched me with Gunna Be Smart ( aka Gunner ). I love this horse! He is a great athlete with a wonderful mind and disposition.

Over the winter Ken rode our three year old gelding Chic. He brought out the best in this young horse. I was very happy but not surprised. I have a lot of respect for Ken’s abilities. I am confident he will put in the time you are paying for.

Trish Blackledge
Cologne, MN

I went to Kenny to achieve a goal of learning how to ride and be a successful competitor. My first horse that I bought from Krebsbach Performance Horses helped me get started and allowed me to move up to a horse with more speed and quickness. Kenny assisted me in finding just the right one. All in the first year of owning my second horse, I was able to qualify for the AQHA World Show and placed 4th in the open team penning!

Cearle Pineur
Faribault, MN

The first horse I bought from Krebsbach Performance Horses was a very nice 4-year old gelding. We qualified and placed 4th in the open team penning at the AQHA World Show. About 2 years ago, Kenny connected me with a 4-year old mare that not only was a beauty but she had all the moves. She was a lot of horse but with Kenny’s encouragement I realized she was just the horse for me. I got her qualified for the Select World Show within 2 months of owning her and placed in the top ten in both team penning and sorting that first year. We qualified again the next year and also placed in the top ten. Kenny has a knack for putting the right person and horse together and has the eye for a good horse.

Linda Brown
Elko, MN

Ken has the ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand and apply. I appreciate all the tips I have picked up from him over the many years I have been penning and sorting!

We still love the sweet mare I bought from Ken in the spring of 2013. She is fun to sort on and we were successful in the sorting pen from day one. We couldn't have found a better horse to add to the family for our girls to ride and be around also.

Pam DeWitt
Mondovi, WI

My wife & I were getting started in team penning & sorting & realized that being well mounted would help us climb the learning curve quicker. We were very fortunate to be put in contact with Ken. We met at the Denver Stock Show where he was riding Little Bad Cat in the sorting. A cow got loose & was running through the warm up area. Cat was tied to the side rail & the cow ran under him. He barely woke up. Pretty impressive because in the arena he is really fired up. He has a nice mind & is really good to look at, has a lot of cow. He has helped us vastly improve our penning & sorting.
Ken was a pleasure to work with both with the purchase & clinics he gave in Helena. The whole deal has been a great experience. Highly recommended.

Chuck Christensen
Helena, Mt

Eric and I came to the penning and sorting game much later than most. I had grown up riding racehorses in England and Eric had abandoned all hope of horsemanship aged 13!

Eric's interest in getting on a horse was piqued when he watched a sorting locally.
Ken found the perfect first horse for Eric, who he could grow with and Kick has taken him all the way to AQHA Worlds several times.
Smoke, Quis and Fleur have come along too and been everything and more than Ken originally described. The fun we have with these horses is immense.

The thing you may not know is when you buy a Krebsbach horse Ken will support whenever he can, he will ride with you and he will coach you because he wants to see you and his horse succeed. You become part of the extended family at Krebsbach Performance Horses.

Thank you Ken and Annette for your enthusiasm and encouragement!
Emma Campbell & Eric Thorlacius
Belle Plaine, MN

When I purchased my first Krebsbach Performance horse I had only been sorting for a few months. Ken took the time to learn who I was as a rider and match the right horse to my abilities instead of just selling me a horse. By being paired with the perfect horse I was able to achieve many 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins in my first year of sorting and penning, well beyond what I ever expected. Ken went beyond selling me a horse; he also helped me find the right saddle, bit, supplements and I continue to take lessons. I couldn't be happier with my horse. I would recommend Krebsbach Performance Horses to anyone without hesitation. I purchased my first Krebsbach horse in 2013 and will continue to buy them for years to come because I know Ken will always find the right horse for me regardless of what level I am at.

Jess King
Webster, MN

"Looking for a really talented horse trainer or finding a good sound horse can be a very challenging task! My wife and I have taken many lessons from Kenny and purchased several horses from him over the past 12 years. Every horse was always exactly as he represented it, reasonably priced and the quality one would expect from a knowledgeable and reputable horseman! Kenny enjoys sharing his skills, being a teacher (fun to work with) and has an outstanding ability to help develop your own fundamental riding skills regardless of the discipline, (Sorting, Penning, Barrel Racing, Trail Riding, etc.). In the event you are looking for a horse as well, he takes a great deal of pride in fitting you with the right horse for your skill level and you can always trust his judgment and integrity--true/talented/honest horseman!"

Dale/Pamela Steege
Weatherford, Texas

“I would like to thank Ken again for finding my Chula Dual mare that I am currently showing. I have spent many years in search of my dream cow horse and, thanks to Ken, now I have her! Ken has really developed a keen eye and is very talented at finding horses that will work best for the sports of team penning and ranch sorting.”

Cathy Haugh, Prior Lake, MN

“I am so grateful for my cow pony, Peeps, that our family purchased from Krebsbach Performance Horses. My 6 year old daughter is learning how to ride a cow horse on her! Peeps can cut a cow like the best of them, come out of the show pen, drop her head and carry toddlers around until her next go. She is the most trustworthy horse our family has owned.”

Jen Crooks, Prior Lake, MN

"Kenny taught me just about everything I know about penning and sorting. In addition to being one of best penners and sorters in the world, Ken is also a great trainer, teacher, and coach. He is such an accomplished horseman and rider, that he can help me with every aspect of the sport. Ken has the ability to see the big picture. I can count on Kenny to match me with the right horse, and teach me how to get along with it. He has taught me that no matter what happens, it's all about having fun. Kenny is patient and generous with his time. He explains all the nuances of the sport and really cares that the experience is positive. As a student of Kenny, I have been able to ride as a teammate of his at open level shows, which has given me sharper skills and confidence in my ability. The payoff for me, over time, is improving, so I can be a successful amateur. Kenny has helped me fit in, meeting so many wonderful people who have become good friends. Thank you, Kenny, it's been so much fun!"

Pat Egan
Castina Farm
Stillwater, MN

"When Ken moved to Webster, Doug and I had just decided to give team penning a try. With so much to learn, what great timing! With Ken's horsemanship skills, ability to compete and most important - the ability to communicate with people, we were presented with a great opportunity to learn a new sport. Ken has a keen eye for the special horses we need for this sport and works to match the right horse to the rider. He is able to share his knowledge of horses, cattle and competition in a manner that can be understood and applied.

There is no doubt that Ken is responsible to the growth of the sport in Minnesota. He has paired many horses and riders and worked with them to make them a formidable team wherever they go, whatever level they wish to compete.

We said, "Someday, we want to be competing at the shows that Ken does". With Ken's help we have achieved that goal. He encouraged us to keep challenging ourselves as that is the only way to better our skills."

Doug & Cheryl Osterman

"Thank You, Danke, Dekuji, Gracias, Merci, Ta...How many ways can I say it! Will be forever grateful to you for finding the incredible double bred Doc Quixote gelding, "Okie Dutch", my Rock Star! Your constant kindness/patience in teaching both us beginners how to properly chase cattle was, simply, phenomenal. You even made it FUN! Without you, oh my, don't want to think about what a mess we'd have ended up. :) Someday, when I get a new horse, we'll do it again!! Gotta keep the good things going... "

Elizabeth Ransom
New Prague, MN


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